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Sample Floorplans

Our residential division is named Landmark Design+Build.  We build semi-custom homes in the Triangle region, that incorporate your individual personality, budget, and family needs.

We can build on your private lot, or on a home site from our inventory.


When you are thinking of purchasing a home site, Landmark can come alongside to help you evaluate the land. We’ll help find the perfect location for your new home supported by the amenities you desire.  Our NO FEE land identification services include:

  • Locating the land

  • Site cost evaluation

  • Suitable floor plan recommendation based on site characteristics

  • Orientation of house

  • Septic or well requirements

Through this process, we learn about you...what you like and dislike!  This helps us understand and craft a house floorplan, style, and budget that best fits your family.

Use your floor plan or one of ours!

Bring in your own set of plans or if you are not sure, Landmark Design+Build has a collection of current floor plans to look at.  Together, we will review the house you are interested in, helping ensure it has the functions and characteristics you dream of. 


Our background is in engineering and design.  So our perspective is to first look at plans with a view to determine best usage and beauty.  From there, we do a lot of "value engineering" by adjusting your house design in ways that remain practical and true to the vision.

We believe in cost-effectiveness...since budget is typically important to our clients.  We work with you to achieve "enough" customization to fit your needs, keeping affordability in mind when selecting materials, and ensuring constructability to avoid excessive labor costs.

That's what semi-custom means to us.  We are not a track builder.  The home owners we work with are typically looking for a little more of their personality & unique tastes to be incorporated, while keeping costs in an affordable range.

We like to build homes with simple lines and nicely effective usage of space.  Our goal is for you to have a finished home that's beautiful, well-built, and enjoyable.

Landmark is reasonably priced and transparent


We know what an undertaking building a home can be, and work with you to make the process as smooth as possible.

A new house is typically one of the more significant assets which a family owns.  It is certainly the most personal one!  This means it's both personal and business.  We work closely with you to develop a plan that balances costs while achieving the personal vision for your home.

Landmark's building process maintains consistent communication, and a strong project management structure to work through all the necessary details of permitting, engaging subcontractors, orchestrating inspections, and final punchlist.

Landmark Partners Design+Build is committed to getting the details right. 

Contact us today to tell us about your dream home. We would love to partner with you to bring it to reality.

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